Grow Our Economy

For too long we have relied on Government contracts and incentives to lure companies to our region and to Florida. The growth of companies in our region is dependent upon the people in the region If we are able to provide a strong workforce, we can provide for the companies of today and tomorrow! In the past we have not glorified the carpenter, the mechanic, the electrician, the nurse, the programmer, the welder, yet these are the people that often have a greater education than some of our college graduates. We need to encourage skills training, encourage training centers and I would propose that there be at least one skills center in every school district in the state. Not every person will go to college, but every Floridian deserves the opportunity for a good job.

Also, we will need to continue review burdensome regulations and, in many cases, the more burdensome review periods for approvals throughout our State. These are impediments to business and impediments for both the mom & pop operation as well as the large corporation. I will work to limit regulations.